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Hamilton Software is a computer software company. We design and build software applications for small, mid and large sized companies. Our focus is on developing custom software that makes sense to your current business model. Many companies are forced to adapt to "Out of the Box" software that claims to provide solutions to all areas of their business. What this does is typically causes them to breach their current business model to accommodate to a "Cure All" software package.

Your ROI will increase dramatically by developing software that makes sense for your employees, customers and business.

Hamilton Software will work with you throughout the "Software Full Cycle Life" which will include:
1) Understand your business
2) Understand your business model
3) Understand your end user needs
4) Design a software model
5) Develop the software
6) Implement and Train the users
7) Provide maintenance and upgrades as your business needs change

Hamilton Software has worked within the folowing Industries:
Manufacturing & Sales (Software and Hardware)
Oil & Gas
Real Estate

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